Florida Mule Spirits


A Labor of Love

 Starting out as a labor of love, we strive to make a Whiskey like no other. Our dream stemmed from a small farm, home to our beloved Mules, and a passion for sharing evenings spent enjoying the Florida sunset with a glass of whiskey. 


Florida Born and Brewed

Made with all natural ingredients, locally sourced in Florida, then distilled three times for a smooth yet bold flavor. Not only do we use ingredients sourced only within the sunshine state for our whiskey, we brew it here too! Distilled at Citrus Distillery, and distributed by Cocamo Distributing Inc. 


Meet Toby

He's the Florida Mule Spirits Ambassador! Why a mule, you ask? It's because mules are strong, live long lives, and have tremendous stamina. They rarely become ill or lame, can withstand extremes in temperatures, and can live on frugal rations. This overall hardiness exemplifies how our whiskey came to be. We endured and conquered many challenges, and like our mules, we plowed on until we made a unique hand crafted whiskey. 

Did you know mules can produce a powerful kick in all directions? It's what sets them apart from horses, who can only kick behind themselves. That's why when drinking our whiskey, Toby says "Drink Responsibly - This mule KICKS!!"

For more info on our mules visit: www.Floridamules.com